Kuroshitsuji 89

Ciel Phantomhive, Chapter 82.



Official work by Yana Toboso on her sketch blog : here

Ciel having a loose tooth, and Sebastian having to pull it out for him. This is so precious (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧.

Can someone translate? :)

The first image says 2 years ago and has an arrow pointing at Ciel saying “11 years old”.
Sebastian: What’s wrong? You’re not eating your favorite food. It can’t be a cavity..
Ciel: That’s not it, it’s something else..

Ciel: My tooth… it’s loose.

Sebastian: Your tooth? Did you fall down the stairs or something? (Good grief. You’re so fragile.)
Ciel: I didn’t! (sounds of struggling)
Tanaka: The young master has yet to develop his adult teeth. Please help him take it out, Sebastian. (Ho,ho,ho)

Tanaka: In Japan, we tie a thread around the tooth..

Ciel: !!! (bleeding profusely)
Sebastian: How is that? Do you feel better? ….Hmm? (The tooth was so small it was hard to get..)
Tanaka: You’re very efficient but sometimes you do some terrible things..
Ciel: (Has cloth in his mouth and is angry..)
Sebastian: My apologies, I’ve never really been around children.

Tanaka: In Japan we either throw it down or on top of the roof** but in England it is put underneath the pillow and exchanged for a coin by the tooth fairy. Please prepare for this.
Sebastian: But to collect children’s teeth is quite a strange hobby for a fairy..

** In Japan, children either throw their teeth up, onto the roof, or straight down onto the ground so the tooth grows in straight. The tooth gets thrown upwards if it’s a lower tooth and down if its an upper one.



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Easter at the Phantomhives’


/that/ scene from Kuroshitsuji 89


Ciel Phantomhive is one of the greatest characters ever created.


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Here’s part of Kuroshitsuji chapter 66, easter egg hunt…enjoy!

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