Some of my favorite scenes from Yukito Nishii and Yuya 
[Kuroshitsuji Musical II 2010]


In Kuroshitsuji, we don’t say “I love you,” we say “Yes, my lord,” which translates roughly to “you motherfucking punk your soul better be fucking worth all of the bullshit you make me do YOU CANT EVEN BUTTON YOUR OWN SHIRTS YOU USELESS PRICK” and I think that’s beautiful.

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I just want a fan fiction where Sebastian confesses his love to Ciel in the most romantic way possible and its really well written and then Ciel goes “ya know I’m like 12 what the fuck Sebastian”

daydream || at least the lies are sweet

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A certain institution falling apart at the hands of a raid.


ofc i wanted to try drawing ciel (he’s also my mbti type twin eheheh…..)

Ciel causing the Kuroshitsuji fandom more emotional distress

i guess sebastian just knows what we all would like to know